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Tanning is the most natural way to prevent sunburn. UV light is a viable alternative to natural sun light. It is essential to protect your skin particularly when facing hot climates as it allows your skin to establish its own natural SPF. UV light is also the main source of vitamin D production, which is needed to sustain a healthy body and mind.

Ergoline Sunbed

Prices start from £35.99 for 60mins

We have one stand-up and 3 lay down Ergoline Sunbeds.

Please call for details 01234 343 399

*Sunbed use-  person must be aged 18 years or over also

A programme will be put to you to suit your individual needs. If you have not tanned recently, your first few sessions will be on minimum minutes to enable your body to produce enough melanin, then your minutes will be increased to the next stage.
Each individual will be assessed so that the correct exposure times are then implemented.

Sunbed Tanning – Laydown/Stand up

  • £35.99 for 60 mins
  • £65.00 for 120 mins
  • £19.99 for 30 mins
  • Ergoline Sunbed – Prices start from £30.99 for 60mins. We have one stand-up and 3 lay down Ergoline Sunbeds.

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Why use lotion?

Australian Gold

Australian Gold grade their lotions as Good, Better, Best or Premium.

The higher grade lotions offer more and better ingredients such as Anti-oxidant, Vitamins, Liposomes, Hemp Seed Extract, CoQl 0, Herbal Extract Healers, Anti-aging, firming and slimming complexes.

We also sell after care products.